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IDDRG Booklet

A general information booklet on the history and activity of IDDRG can be downloaded here by clicking the link below.

IDDRG Legal Document

A Legal Document describing the main objectives and general operation of the International Deep-Drawing Group (IDDRG) has been accepted. This document can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Related books

On this page you may find some valueable information on books published on related fields of sheet metal forming by well known experts of the fields. For further information click on the subtitle.



ISO 12004

By clicking the link above you may visit the official Website of ISO (International Standard Organisation). There you can find the recent information on ISO 12004, the International Standard recommendation for the determination of the Forming Limit Diagrams.

World Conference Calendar

A great number of world wide conferences and congresses are listed on this Global Meeting Information Website. When you organise your meeting it is worth visiting this place to avoid conflict with other events of similar interests. You may search by categories of interest.

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