General overview of IDDRG Activities

IDDRG activities include

  • conferences
  • Executive Committee meetings
  • review of standards dealing with sheet metal forming and related issues
  • special research topics coordinated by special task forces called to work by the IDDRG EC
  • etc. 

Information on Activities


Conferences are held each year and scheduled for May or June in one of the IDDRG member countries (in Europe, North America or Asia). However, given that most of the member countries are in Europe, most conferences are held in Europe.

EC Meetings

The Executive Committee meets regularly. EC meetings are held during the annual conferences, as well. When preparing the forthcoming event (the next conference) the Executive Committee visits the venue and makes decisions and suggestions for the host Organising Committee.

Task Groups

The Executive Committee can establish special Task Groups to solve special problems, to deal with development issues, to prepare background materials for decision making or standardisation, to perform benchmark tests for well defined purposes.

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