IDDRG Conferences

Conferences are held each year and scheduled for May or June in one of the IDDRG member countries (in Europe, North America or Asia). However, given that most of the member countries are in Europe, most conferences are held in Europe.
The regular schedule of Conferences spread-over from Sunday evening to Wednesday afternoon.  Conferences usually start with a Welcome Party on Sunday evening and continued with technical sessions lasting for two and a half days. It is also common to have technical visits to sheet metal companies, research institutes, university labs or other interests of related issues. Various social events are also scheduled in association with the conference.
Prior to the conference, the Executive Committee of the IDDRG selects a series of topics that are of current interest. This selection of topic provides focus that enhances the exchange of technical information and ideas.  A scientific committee reviews papers to ensure quality and to prevent commercial papers from being included.
Machinery and press-tools, new processes, studies concerning behaviour at the interface between the tools and the sheet metal, wear, topography, friction, lubrication, temperature or speed influence are classical topics. Sheet metallic materials behaviour is as important with study concerning constitutive equations, plasticity criteria, springback tendency.
Mathematical modelling and numerical simulation has also very important role since a dozen of years. In order to differentiate IDDRG from other conferences principally dedicated to numerical simulation, it is considered as a tool and not as a topic in itself. The consequence is: new algorithms, innovative shell or solid elements, time integration schemes are not considered.
New materials, steels, aluminium alloys and others, as well as the tests which are imposed on them to study their suitability for press forming are also covered.
Paper proceedings are distributed to all attendees at the start of the Conference. The duration of lectures is generally twenty minutes, in order to allow exposing the subject in details, and a generous time of ten minutes is allocated to discussions (which are strongly encouraged).
The Conferences are organised so that participants have ample time and opportunity to meet their peer from other countries.
The offficial language of Conferences is English.

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