Executive Committee meetings

The IDDRG Executive Committee is the highest governing body of the IDDRG. The EC is headed by the President who shares his tasks with the Vice-Presidents. One of the Vice-Presidents has the responsibility for the financail issues of IDDRG as the Treasurer. The Secretary General is the driving engine of Executive Committee: he is responsible for the preparation of EC meetings, membership issues, keeping contact with the national secreataries, etc.
The Executive Committee meets regularly. EC meetings are held during the annual conferences, as well. When preparing the forthcoming event (the next conference) the Executive Committee visits the venue and makes decisions and suggestions for the host Organising Committee. The Executive Committee also works as an Advisory Committee for organising IDDRG meetings and Conferences. The Executive Committee can establish special Task Groups to solve special problems, to deal with development issues, to prepare background materials for decision making or standardisation.

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