Here you can search our online database of IDDRG papers using various search profiles (e.g. author(s)’name, Papers’ title, etc.). Papers are available online only since 2005. If you need old paper please go to IDDRG Library Archives where you will find information how to get these papers in paper format.

Concepts for characterizing plastic anisotropy of sheet metal
K. Pöhlandt, A. E. Tekkaya, J. Schöck 2005
Finite element modeling and prediction of thickness strains of deep drawing using an ANN and LS-DYNA for ASS-304
Swadesh Kumar Singh, K Sajun Prasad, Raghuram Karthik Desu, Amit Kumar Gupta and Swadesh Kumar Swings 2014
Study of springback in sheet metal bending-FEA and neural network approach
Sharad Gawade, Vilas Nandedkar 2014
Estimation of coining force on sheet metal
Antoine Danel, Mathieu Buard 2014
Effect of prestrain on electric flow through the AA 5083 material
Joseph Humphrey, Chetan Nikhare, John Roth 2014
Experimental investigation of annealed 5083 aluminum alloy
William Trozzo, Chetan Nikhare 2014
Strain distribution based failure prediction in sheet metal components: some examples
Prashant Date 2014
More fruitful and robust hole expansion testing conditions
Jorge Goncalves, Dominique Fouques, Xavier Bellut, Liwei Zha 2014
Crash-performance of high-manganese TWIP steels
Christian Busch, Bernd Arno Behrens, Anas Bouguecha, Milan Vucetic, C. Bonk, S. Huinink, A. Hatschter 2014
Materials datas in blanking and drawing
Marie-France Bompierre, Joël Kaufmann 2014
Effect of warm forming on springback of aluminum alloy sheet
Rohit Verma, Michael Worswick, Sooky Winkler 2014
Investigating the effect of material properties and loading path on formability of tube hydroforming process
Ahmad Omar, Manan Panchal, Krishnaiyengar Narasimhan 2014
Plastic instability of fcc metals predicted by advanced constitutive equations
M.C. Butuc, G. Vincze, F. Barlat, and J.J. Gracio 2014
Friction studies with different lubricants in low carbon steel strips: major strain predictions with microstructural inputs
V Basavaraj, S K Shekhawat, K Narasimhan, I Samajdar 2014
Predicting forming limit diagram of stamping and hydroforming process using in-plane simulation
Kartheek Pilla, Ahmad Omar, Krishnaiyengar Narasimhan 2014
Driving as a Flexible Innovative Manufacturing Method for Individualized Sheet Metal Products.
D. Scherer, H. Hoffmann, B. Lohman, T.C. Lueth, M. Golle, S. Weber, Z. Yang, M. Markert 2009
Behavior of hole flanging process for thicker sheet metal parts
Elangovan Parameswaran, Rajkumar Magalingam 2014
Rapid prototyping in traditional decorative metallic pewter parts
J. Lino, R. Neto 2009
Sensitivity analysis of wrinkling and springback in sheet metal parts
Nikhil Mehar, K. Narasimhan 2014
Numerical formulation of forming limit diagrams for clad sheet using anisotropic strain-rate potential
D. Kim, K.J. Kim, K. Chung, F. Barlat, Y.S. Lee 2009

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