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Prediction of flow curves of very thin brass sheets incorporating size effect in hardening model
Dhruv Anand, D Ravi Kumar 2019
Multi-coefficient optimization of homogeneous anisotropic hardening model for AHSS
Shinyeong Lee, Jin-Hwan Kim, Frédéric Barlat 2019
A new approach for advanced plasticity and fracture modelling
N Park, T B Stoughton and J W Yoon 2019
Constitutive model parameter identification via full-field calibration
C Ilg, K Witowsk1, D Koch, P Roehl Suanno and A Haufe 2019
Evaluation of the stress vs strain curve using a high temperature bulge test device
A Boyer, H Laurent and M C Oliveira 2019
Prediction of residual stresses in biaxial stretching of tailor welded blanks by finite element analysis
Amit Kumar, D Ravi Kumar and Vijay Gautam 2019
Material characterization of high strength sound-deadening sheets and its application on a square cup drawing simulation
Hyeonil Park, Se-Jong Kim, Jinwoo Lee, Daeyong Kim 2019
Non-linear strain path experiment and modeling for very high strength material
M S Wi, S Y Lee and F Barlat 2019
Investigation of non-proportional load paths by using a cruciform specimen in a conventional Nakajima test
R. Norz, W. Volk 2019
Improved bendability characterization of UHSS sheets
L. Wagner, H. Schauer, H. Pauli, J. Hinterdorfer 2019
Die Quench Process Sensitivity of AA7050
R. Boulis, S. DiCecco and M.J. Worswick 2019
Numerical and experimental study of strain distribution of trip steel sheet using hydraulic bulge test
E Spišák, J Majerníková, J Slota and Ľ Kaščák 2019
The Inuence of Residual Stresses Induced by Near-Net-Shape Blanking Processes on the Fatigue Behavior under Bending Loads
J. Stahl, D. Müller, I.Pätzold1 R. Golle, T. Tobie, W. Volk 2019
Forming behaviour of stainless steel sheets at different material thicknesses
A Lehmberg, C Sunderkoetter, T Glaesner and H-G Brokmeier 2019
Forming simulation for TWIP steel
M Gösling, T Thülig 2019
Experimental study on the mechanical properties of 7xxx aluminium alloy sheet under different heat treatment conditions
Yumi Choi, Chanmi Moon, Myoug-Gyu Lee 2019
Aging behavior of ultra-fine grained AA 6061 alloy subjected to constrained groove pressing followed by cold rolling
K Changela, S Kumar, K Hariharan and D Ravi Kumar 2019
Control of the servo-press in stamping considering the variation of the incoming material properties
Hyunok Kim, Jiahui C. Gu, and Laura Zoller 2019
A knowledge-based surrogate modeling approach for cup drawing with limited data
L Morand, D Helm, R Iza-Teran and J Garcke 2019
Digital twin models for optimal design and control of a conditionally robust sheet metal forming process
Harsch, D., Heingärtner, J., Renkci, Y. and Hora, P. 2019