Here you can search our online database of IDDRG papers using various search profiles (e.g. author(s)’name, Papers’ title, etc.). Papers are available online only since 2005. If you need old paper please go to IDDRG Library Archives where you will find information how to get these papers in paper format.

A new methodology to determine the plastic anisotropy using optical strain measuring systems: application on AHSS sheet strips and tubes
I. Picas, R. Pérez , A. Lara, J.M. Prado 2008
The FLC, enhanced formability and incremental sheet forming
W. Emmens, D.H. van der Weijde, T. van den Boogaard 2009
Local formability characterization of AHSS – digital camera based hole expansion test development
C. Chiriac, G. Chen 2008
Fiber-reinforced polymers for rapid tooling of deep drawing tools of a high wear resistance
J. Witulski, M. Trompeter, A.E. Tekkaya 2009
Development of the practical evaluation test and a study of numerical evaluations of edge fracture for stretch flangeability of sheet metal forming
J. Nitta, T. Yoshida, K. Hashimoto, Y. Kuriyama 2008
Galling in sheet metal forming
J. Bergström, P. Krakhmalev, A. Gåård and F. Lindvall 2008
Evaluation of die coating and stamping lubricants in forming galvanized advanced/ultra high strength steels (A/UHSS) using the strip drawing test (SDT)
H. Kim, S. Han, F. E. Goodwin, K. Kim and T. Altan 2009
Investigation on tool wear in forming of high strength steels with bending under tension tribometer
I. Heikkilä, H. Thoors and M. Lundberg 2008
Extracting material data for superplastic forming simulations
Q. Snippe, V.T. Meinders 2009
Modelling of friction in deep drawing considering irreversible sheet surfaces changes
B.-A. Behrens, A. Sabitovic 2008
Constitutive modelling of aluminium clad sheet for warm forming
J. Mckinley, C. H. M. Simba and M. Worswick 2009
Comparison of the tests chosen for material parameter identification to predict single point incremental forming forces
C. Bouffioux, C. Henrard, P. Eyckens, R. Aerens, A. Van Bael 2008
Properties of grid patterns produced by laser for strain analysis
K. Mäntyjärvi , J. Tulonen , T. Saarnivuo and J. A. Karjalainen 2008
Mechanics of forming thin ring plates
E. Nazaryan, N. Arab, M. Arakelyan, A. Markosyan 2009
Digital image correlation technique and its application in forming limit curve determination
G. Huang, S. Sriram, B. Yan 2008
Estimation of tool performance during cold forming of AHSS
R. Hernandez, I. Picas, A. Llobet and D. Casellas 2009
Material testing method of applying in-plane combined tension-compression stresses to sheet specimen
T. Kuwabara, M. Horiuchi, N. Uema, J. Ziegelheimova 2008
Wear mechanisms in forming of HSS and AHSS
M. Weiss, M.P. Pereira, B.F. Rolfe, T.B. Hilditch 2009
A dislocation model for the stress-strain behaviour of dual-phase steel
Y. Bergstr 2008
Evaluation of coefficients of friction for hot stamping by newly developed tribosimulator
A. Yanagida, A. Azushima 2009

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