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Critical deformation under shear-tension loading in multistage processes
M. Sklad, E. Atzema, F. Schouten, M. de Bruine and J. Verhaeghe 2009
Reverse engineered quality limitations of material batches for sheet metal forming processes
R. Schleich, M. Sindel, M. Liewald 2008
Finite element analysis on the effect of sheared edge quality in blanking upon hole expansion of advanced high strength steels
R. Wiedenmann, P. Sartkulvanich, T. Altan 2009
Design optimization and validation based on a combination of multistage technology and incremental process simulation
V. Apanovitch, S. Huhn 2008
Determination of hole expansion properties of AHSS using an optical 3D deformation system
A. Mackensen, M. Golle, R. Golle, H. Hoffmann 2009
Automatic FLC-value determination from 4D strain data
P. Feldmann, M. Schatz, P. Aswendt 2009
Mesasurement of bending properties in strip for roll forming
M. Weiss, H. Wolfkamp, B.F. Rolfe, P.D. Hodgson, E. Hemmeric 2009
On process parameter estimation for the tube hydroforming process
M. Jansson, L. Nilsson, K. Simonsson 2008
Finite element analysis of roll forming of UHSS compared to traditional bending
M. Lundberg, A. Melander 2009
Simulation based prediction of forming limit curves (FLC) using PAM-STAMP 2G
F. E. Khaldi, M. Jing, P. Culiere, A. Vaizian and A. Kamoulakos 2009
The geometrical robustness of roll formed profiles in ultra high strength steels
E. Sagström , B. Wadman , R. Moshfegh , M. Lundberg and A. Melander 2008
Prediction of the press load in stamping
G. Mercuzot, P. Hein 2008
Thermo-mechanical FEM of draw-bend formability tests
J.H. Kim, J.H. Sung, R.H. Wagoner 2009
Contact pressure prediction in sheet metal forming using finite element analysis
M. P. Pereira, W. Yan, B. F. Rolfe 2008
Strain path effects on the formability of advanced high strength steels evaluated by stretching tests
D. Gutiérrez, A. Lara. D. Cassellas and J.M. Prado 2009
Validation and optimization of numerical simulations by optical measurements of tools and parts
M. Schneider, H. Friebe, K. Galanulis 2008
Prediction of burst in aluminium tube hydroforming using non-quadratic yield functions
Y.P. Korkolis, S. Kyriakides 2009
Effect of failure criteria on the forming limits predictions of forming grades aluminium sheets
N. Ramakrishnan, V. Srivastava, K. Narasimhan 2009
Numerical evaluation of material models using a new tool geometry, X-die
A. Andersson, M. Sigvant 2008
Validation of finite element model of roll forming
M. Lindgren 2008