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Effect of adiabatic heating on high strain rate properties of sheet steels
K. Schneider, W. Bleck 2008
Production of weight optimized structural body parts by using press hardenable steel
F.J. Lenze, S. Sikora, J. Banik, M. Weber 2009
Mechanisms involved in hole expansion test
A. Col, P. Jousserand 2008
The definition of incipient necking and its impact on experimentally or theoretically determined forming limit curves
M. Sigvant, K. Mattiasson, M. Larsson 2008
Modeling and determination of flow curves for the simulation of hot forming
B. Hochholdinger, H. Grass, A. Lipp and P. Hora 2009
Extended tensile testing with simultaneous bending
W. C. Emmens, A. H. van den Boogaard 2008
Investigation of the high strength steel Al-Si coating in hot stamping operations
A. Ghiotti, F. Borsetto and S. Bruschi 2009
The Effect of tempering on martensitic microstructure and mechanical properties of 22MnB5 steel used for hot stamping
M. Saeglitz, G. Krauss, D. Berger 2009
Local martensite evolution in metastable austenitic steels – new material for a changing world
B.-A. Behrens, K. Voges-Schwieger & S. Hübner 2008
Numerical study of advanced high strength steels piercing and trimming processes using LS-Dyna
Z. Yao, S.D. Liu, C. Duvvvv 2009
Tribologiocal studies on tool steel and ultra high strength boron steel pairs at elevated temperatures
J. Hardell, B. Prakash 2008
Formability limits for laminated steel sheets
J. Gerdeen, E. Chu 2009
Causes of spalling in coated tool inserts for stamping dies
B. S. Levy, C. J. Van Tyne 2008
Prediction of limit strains during stamping, tube and sheet hydroforming of DP590 steel
P. Sonawane, A. Pande, N. Khandre, K. Narasimhan 2009
Thermal influence during tensile testing
J. L. Geoffroy, A. Col 2008
Failure caracterization of TRIP780 and DP590 sheet steels
K. Kim, Y. Bai, T. Wierzbicki 2009
An improved way of ranking/evaluating material for forming
H. L. Groth, E. Schedin, L. Grenbj 2008
A strain path change indicator for use in sheet metal forming processes
M. van Riel, A. H. Van den Boogaard 2008
Investigation on the forming limit prediction for aluminium sheet metal alloys
R. Schleich, M. Liewald, C. Held and M. Sindel 2009
Modelling of Coulomb’s friction coefficient in numerical simulations of deep drawing processes
M. C. Oliveira, J. L. Alves, L. F. Menezes, R. Padmanabhan, A. Ramalho 2008