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Investigation on advanced forming limit prediction techniques for high strength steels
C. Held, R. Schleich, M. Sindel, M. Liewald 2009
On the modelling of the bending-unbending behaviour and its influence on springback results
P.-A. Eggertsen, K. Mattiasson 2008
Optimization of computational procedures for full-model strain path dependent analysis of forming limits
A. A. Zadpoor, J. Sinke, R. Benedictus 2008
Failure analysis of advanced high strength steels (AHSS) during draw bending
H. Kim, A. R. Bandar, Y.-P. Yang, J. H. Sung and R. H. Wagoner 2009
Numerical methods for a robust user-independent evaluation of Nakajima tests for the FLC determination
P. Hora, B. Eberle, W. Volk 2009
On an exceptional forming behaviour aspect of AHSS sheets
E. T. Till, E. Berger, P. Larour 2008
Forming limits of stretch-bent steel sheets
D. Kitting, A. Ofenheimer, H. Pauli, E.T. Till 2009
Does the measurement of more material data necessarily result in higher forming simulation accuracy?
L. Kessler, J. Gerlach, M.-S. Aydin 2008
Hole expansion properties of quench & partition steels
E. De Moor, C. Fojer, J. Penning, J.G. Speer 2009
Simulation of weld line movement and its impact on drawability of DP-IF tailor welded blanks
A. Pande, P. Sonawane, V. Nandedkar, K. Narasimhan 2009
Springback simulation of a channel draw process
A. Ghaei, A. Taherizadeh, D. Green 2009
Sample width influence on springback behaviour of a U-shaped part made from tailor welded stripes
A. Albut 2009
A theoretical-experimental method to determine Bauschinger effetcs on sheet metal under bending reversals
L. Sanchez 2009
Formability prediction of aluminium sheet for car body panels
D. Daniel, C. Leppin, C. Lange, M. Gehrig, H. Gese, H. Dell 2008
Modelling of microstructure and material response in the press hardening process
M. Oldenburg , P. Åkerström , G. Bergman and P. Salomonsson 2008
Compensation of deep drawing tools for springback and tool deformation
R. Lingbeek, T. Meinders, S. Ohnimus 2008
Investigation of combined electromagnetic and conventional forming
V. Psyk, D. Risch, C. Beerwald, A. E. Tekkaya 2008
Analysis and optimization of sheet hydroforming for automotive applications
H. Palaniswamy, A. Yadav, M. Braedel, M. Ujevic, T. Altan 2008
Applications of hot formed parts for body in white
F.-J. Lenze, J. Banik, S. Sikora 2008
Incremental sheet forming with an industrial robot as a method for sheet forming prototyping and small series manufacturing
L. Vihtonen, J. Tulonen, J. Tuomi 2008